Seminole Fishing Report May 1st, 2013
By Trent Hill
Bass fishing is great on Seminole right now! The water temps are warming and are in the mid 70s all around the lake. The main lake and river areas are slightly stained and the spring creek area is clear now. The fish are mainly in their post spawn patterns but there are also fish still spawning. The spawning fish are gonna be on the main lake spawning flats and can be caught fan casting Carolina rigged lizards and Texas rigging big worms or lizards the most popular technique is sight fishing when there up shallow on the beds. I like using either lizards or crawfish type plastics matching the color of my bait to the clarity of the water when I'm sight fishing. Some post spawn fish will still be shallow and some will be deeper on the grass lines just off the spawning flats near creek channels or off the spawning flats near river channels, gorging and getting refueled from the spawn . The shallow fish will be guarding or eating fry and bream. These fish can be caught on frogs and top water baits imitating bream, swimming a Jigdinger jig can also be effective In areas with lots of bream. Soft plastics are a great choice to use as well. The deeper fish can be caught on medium diving crankbaits and the A Rig in 8 to 14 feet on the grass lines. When you catch one there's sure to be a school there so make a couple cast in the same spot to see if theres more there. Also be looking for the shad to spawn witch could be taking place at anytime now. Spinner baits and shad imitation top water baits will put a limit in the boat in no time around spawning shad, this will also be a great chance to use your A Rig and load it down with multiple fish as they are franticly gorging on these shad.